Windows ISO Download Links


Because Microsoft shut down all the download links on their side, we can’t run this service anymore. You can find other links, which are not hosted by Microsoft, on the Internet via Google.
Thanks for your appreciation!

You can still use these links, but they may not work anymore.

Windows 8Windows 7Windows VistaWindows XP

Windows ISO Download of Windows 8 Windows 8

Download (EXE, 5,2 MB)

With Windows 8, you have to enter a valid product key to download the ISO file. The software chooses the correct version depending on your key and downloads it. Optionally, you can install the ISO directly on a USB or DVD.

Windows ISO Download of Windows 8.1Windows 8.1 (Blue)

Download (EXE, 1,26 MB)

Windows 8.1 (“Blue”) is only a free update to Windows 8. So, you can either update via the Windows Store in Windows 8 or you can download the EXE file and download an ISO file (no product key needed). Optionally, the software can install the ISO on a USB.

Windows ISO Download of Windows 7 Windows 7

Windows ISO Download of Windows Vista Windows Vista

Windows Vista wasn’t availibale in ISO files, but it was splitted in three files (one EXE, two WIN files). If you put them all together in one folder, the installation should work. But if you need an ISO, start the MicrosoftInstaller.exe file. Let it unpack all files into a folder. Then, download and start this tool, choose the folder and click “Go”. You’ll have the ISO.

All three files include Windows Vista Home Basic, Home Premium, Business und Ultimate.

Windows ISO Download of Windows XP Windows XP

We don’t recommend using Windows XP because Microsoft announced that support has ended.

More information on downloading XP

We can only link to download links of other websites. We’re not liable for content or legal issues of external links.

Notice: 64-bit Windows should be installed on PCs with more than 4 GB RAM.

We’re not liable for any damages!
Last edit: Mar 14, 2015

  • Lucas shchcerbakov

    Hey brother thank you very much for making available these links as well organized! if you could provide windows xp
    would be great! thank you

    • admin

      Sorry, but there were no official XP download links. You must download it illegaly or buy a CD. :(

  • Tobias Vollmer


  • Adolfo Trinidad Jrez

    Acabo de descagar el sistema de operativo Windows vista, espero y me sirva, saludos y gracias por la ayuda,, :D

  • Lolametro is Very Cool

    Admin you have windows xp links I NEED WIN XP PLEASE HELP ME u can send me cd or iso? (PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE)

    • admin

      Sorry, but as I sad there were no official XP download links. You must download it illegaly or buy a CD on ebay.
      Cool username btw ;)

    • curry munsher

      Click on watch here and all the download links are on that website!

  • EugenTheBoy

    Cool Website :) ;)

  • CSincAlloyBtrgn

    Lolametro check on ebay under thiscyberguy, he sells a bunch and i know he has the XP iso. $10.00 for a boot ready disc, and the additional files also. Its PRO SP/3!

  • Estatic

    Do you have an english version instead of german?

    • lolametro

      We’re sorry, we thought we had put in English files. All fixed now.

  • Niko

    Please admin tell me : is there any problem with windows 8 in the link ?? the product key up is for activating it ,am i wrong?

    • lolametro

      The product key is only for Windows 8.1 (“Blue”) Preview, not for Windows 8.

  • smith jone

    how do i know i down load windows vista home basi 32 bits. i don’t see any home basi vista.

    • lolametro

      You must type in your serial, then Home Premium will be selected automatically.

      • Smith jone

        How could I type my serial to get windows basic vista. couldy pls help me show something. I don’t get it yet.!

        • lolametro

          When you must type in the product key, type in your product key and it will install what you bought. Every product key is associated with a version of Vista (like the basic version).

      • smith jone

        where is serial should i type? places help i don’t know to get there!

  • Jivanish

    do you have any windows 8 enterprise evaluation activator

  • dwi

    your windows 7 pro is corrupt.cen you fix it???

    • dwi

      can you fix it??

      • lolametro

        These are official download links from Microsoft. I can’t help you :(

        • dwi

          no problem,,Thank you :(

  • nassim

    i need windows 7 home basic , can you help me please ?

  • Angvard

    How do i actually install the os from the files?

  • Shafat

    The boot.wim and the install.wim are corrupt there are no Disc images on them all there is was a paper just a blank paper???

    • lolametro

      These are official links from Microsoft. I can’t help you in that case :(

  • Shafat

    Ok well its not a problem at all.

  • Shafat

    But i only used it to upgrade my friends PC. But THANK YOU!!!!!! :D

    • lolametro

      You’re welcome :D

  • Shafat

    And now theres something bad.
    I’m trying to boot windows 7 on a virtual maching but it keeps giving me system errors :( I need some processional help

  • prajith

    where can I get windows 7 home basic 64 bit

    • lolametro

      That’s a bit complicated. Microsoft doesn’t offer direct download links, but you can make your own ISO file: download Windows 7 Professional 64-bit and this tool (ei.cfg Remover; Then, start the ei.cfg remover and choose your downloaded ISO file. After that, you can choose in the installation process you want to install Home Basic. Hope that helped!

  • BengBeng AsikBerat

    hey, you can help me?
    i can’t download windows vista

    • lolametro

      Could you specify the problem? What’s not working?

      • Rj Haboc Palma

        how to use these 3 files?

  • ric

    windows vista doesn’t work. it says the application has a bad configuration!!! help!!!



  • Rj Haboc Palma

    how to install windows vista? idk what to do -.-

  • ouissam

    windows 7 pro link dosen’t work .?

    • lolametro

      Sorry, Microsoft deleted some files from their server including Windows 7 Professional.

    • lolametro

      We got new links.

  • ouissam

    thanks for you lolametro ;)

  • harry

    how can i download WINDOW 7 HOME BASIC.

  • Jeff

    Windows vista links for .exe are not working

    • lolametro

      Yep, we are working on it. Thanks!

    • lolametro

      Thanks for your patience, everything is up and running again!

  • AKA

    Hey, Thanks for help…
    What about Vista 64 ServicePack2

    • lolametro

      You have to download SP2 manually after installing Vista SP1.

  • Scotty Watty


  • Naruto Uzumaki

    Why Am i unable to download: X14-63452.exe for Vista, Both 32 bit nor 64 bit ???
    The Browser Times out each time i click on it…
    i guess the links are broken…..

    • tucker

      nah its just your computer. i can do both just fine.

    • TheGuy

      I can install but it says files are missing.

      • LOLametro

        When does it say that? When you create the ISO or when you install?

      • LOLametro

        When does it say that? When you create the ISO or when you install?

  • Johncel Arceño Andrada

    how can i know my product key ? (windows 7 ultimate)

    • lolametro

      Do you have already Windows 7 installed and you want to reinstall it on the same PC?

  • Bang

    where I can get serial number windows vista both 32 and 64 bit for free?

    • lolametro

      You have to buy it.

    • ACE

      i read somewhere that entering the key on your pc or laptop helps

  • freeloadx3

    tell me all you have to do is download the 3 file’s and burn them on a DVD right ?

    • lolametro

      You have to put all three files together in a folder on your computer. Then, start the EXE file and abort the installation when all files are unpacked in the “Vista” folder. Then, download and install the program ImgBurn, and take that Vista folder and create the ISO with ImgBurn.

      This ISO file can be burned on the DVD. Here’s a video (in German, but you can understand the process):

      • redcore

        How come you recommend Windows Bootable Image Creator in the instructions, but ImgBurn in this video? Just personal preference, I take it? WBIC definitely seems easier to use.

        • LOLametro

          I took ImgBurn before, but then I’ve found WBIC on the Internet. So WBIC is definetely better, ImgBurn is simply the “manual” way.

  • Kasparov

    The restore function is damaged in my dell optiplex desktop computer and it has been a total pain in the a%$ trying to find where to download a legal copy of the windows vista operating system that came with the computer. If this works, I would like to thank you in advance for your time and effort!

    • lolametro

      It should work :)

  • tushar mohite

    i downloaded all 3 files and converted and image just like it shows in the video so now i have to directly burn it to dvd using normal process or again i have to use image burn for burning that iso file

  • PC2012show

    you meant,I need at leat 4 gb of ram to run x64?

    • LOLametro


      • rover3500

        Not true you only need 1GB to install x64 Vista
        x64 can access alot more than 4GB but 32 bit can only use up to 4GB.
        Different versions of Vista x64 can access between 8 and 128GB of memory
        Minimum is 512MB for Home Basic and 1GB all others

        • LOLametro

          You can, but you shouldn’t.

          • rover3500

            I agree but you don’t need 4GB minimum, 2GB should be enough in my experience.

    • Dylan Byrne

      64 bit versions of Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10 TP require at least 2GB RAM.

  • PC2012show

    I found a tool to convert it to iso (windows vista)

    download the windows bootable image creator

    • LOLametro

      Thanks for the tip, I’ll add it soon!

  • LL

    Have the .wim files been outdated?? I’m getting a “webpage not available” message.

    • LOLametro

      Seems like the files were deleted. We’re sorry but we can’t do something against it because these files are from Microsoft. We’re looking for new links.

  • sbo

    Hi, i have an error when i try to extract the x14-xxx file in the folder the process start but after 30 second became this error: Cannot extract windows vista to your hard drive, please ensure that you can create files and folders in the same folder where VistaSetupPrep.exe was downloaded.
    How i can resolve?

    • LOLametro

      Try starting X14-xxx.exe as administrator.

    • bryan d’haen

      Are they all in the same folder?

  • Indigoresonance

    Hi and thank you for the links.. however I am little confused by your comment that says all three versions of Vista are in the three files? When I go to install the 32 bit version it only offers the Home version. Is there as way to install the next versions up? Thank you for your assistance.
    All three files include Windows Vista Home Basic, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate.

    • LOLametro

      It depends on the Product Key, if it’s for Home you can only install the Home version.

      • Indigoresonance

        and if I skip the product key? Which version will it install.. I am only using it to upgrade from xp to vista then directly to win 7.. Thank you for your assistance.. it’s greatly appreciated.

        • LOLametro

          I think you can choose (but I’m not sure…)
          Isn’t it better to upgrade from XP to 7 directly? Of course, you would have to copy all of your files to an external hard drive and copy them back after the process.

  • al

    stupid fckking idiots. the vista 64 bit is win 7. assssholes

  • al

    stupid fckking idiots. the vista 64 bit is win 7. assssholes

    • LOLametro

      It’s not, but you’re problem if you download the wrong files…

    • Tyler


  • snifflz

    Another great site for Microsoft software is

  • freonpsandoz

    Vista links are fucked.

    • LOLametro

      Yep, Microsoft deleted some files. I’ll search for new links, but there’s only a small chance for success…

  • Dylan Byrne

    Hey, I have upgraded from Windows XP to Windows Vista on my Sony Vaio PCG-FR820 laptop which I downloaded from this site (thanks) and I was so dumb that, it has 768MB RAM and a 20GB hard drive and instead of installing Home Basic I installed Ultimate Edition and a few months later, I was even dumber that I compressed the WHOLE C: drive and after I restarted the computer and it said “BOOTMGR is compressed. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart” (WHY!?!) and I installed Vista from a USB from inside XP and it doesn’t support booting from USB so would I be able to use the WBIC tool to make a bootable DVD and uncompress the C: directory and install Home Basic? I heard Microsoft shut down the Vista links provided on this site but thats ok because I already have the files.

    • Dylan Byrne

      **UPDATE**: THIS COMPUTER LIVES ONCE AGAIN!!! I borrowed a Windows XP CD from a family member and I reinstalled XP and upgraded straight to Vista (This time Home Basic ;-) !) and a couple of days ago, I told a friend about this laptop and he told me that this laptop CAN run Windows 7 so I did that (Had to reinstall XP first due to lack of free space!) and yeah this laptop has been revived!!! YAY!!!!!!!!

  • Tony Inman

    Are these retail versions or OEM versions? I need an OEM version to reinstall Windows 8 on a laptop.

    • LOLametro

      Retail and OEM versions are the same (except there’s no bloatware…)
      So you can download this.